Reports and Papers

Julije Domac, Keith Richards, Stjepan Risovic, 2007 
Socioeconomic Drivers in Implementing Bioenergy Projects
Published in Biomass&Bioenergy, February 2005

Julije Domac, Keith Richards, Velimir Segon, 2005 
Old fuel for modern times
Published in Renewable Energy World, July 2005

Velimir Segon et al, 2004 
Raising the awareness of bioenergy benefits: Results of two public surveys on attitudes, perceptions and knowledge
Presented at 2nd World Biomass Conference

Ralph E.H. Sims and Keith Richards, 2004 
Bioenergy for the global community
Article in ‘Renewable Energy World’, 7(1), 128-133 (James & James, London)

Julije Domac et al, 2004 
Educational work of IEA Bioenergy Task 29
Presented at 2nd World Biomass Conference

Keith Richards and David Payne, 2002 
Translating Renewable Energy Regional Strategy into Local Action (TRANS-RELATE)
Paper to European Conference on Local Energy Action, Brussels, Belgium

Keith Richards and Ralph E.H. Sims, 2002 
Delivering the Bioenergy Triple Bottom Line to the Global Community
Paper to 7th World Renewable Energy Congress, Cologne, Germany

Julije Domac and Keith Richards, 2002
Final results from IEA Bioenergy Task 29
Presented at 12th European Biomass Conference

Bo Hektor, 2001 
Socio-economic management models for bioenergy sector
Report prepared for Task 29

Julije Domac, Reinhard Madlener and Keith Richards, 2000 
Socio-economic aspects of bioenergy systems – a new international research cooperation within IEA Bioenergy
Presented at 1st World Biomass Conference

Reinhard Madlener and Hayley Myles, 2000 
Modelling Socio-Economic Aspects of Bioenergy Systems
Report prepared for Task 29

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