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The Task on Socio-Economic Drivers in Implementing Bioenergy Projectsis a collaborative project under the umbrella of the Bioenergy Agreement of the International Energy Agency.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is established within the framework of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to implement an international energy programme.

Task 29 is an ongoing initiative from 1 January 2000 with the aim to:

  • achieve a better understanding of the social and economic drivers and impacts of establishing bioenergy markets at the local, regional, national and international level,
  • synthesise and transfer to stakeholders critical knowledge and new information,
  • improve the assessment of the above mentioned impacts of biomass production and utilisation in order to increase the uptake of bioenergy and to provide guidance to policy makers.

The participating countries in the 2010-2012 are Canada, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Orlando and United Kingdom

In particular, the Task is seeking to investigate different regional and national achievements in recognition and evaluation of social and economic benefits of biomass utilisation and drivers in implementing bioenergy projects.

Among others, deliverables include position papers outlining the benefits of bioenergy, brochures, scientific papers and presentations, posters and educational website with the possibility of producing a book about frequently asked questions on biomass and bioenergy (www.aboutbioenergy.info).

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